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The condition of all the students of JP University

April 22, 2017

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Solan The condition of all the students who are ill with eating bad food is stable and the condition of all the students is being told out of danger. 45 students of the University are in Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Shimla and 14 students are being treated at the Civil Hospital located at Kandaghat. Chief Medical Officer Solan D. on the directions of the district administration R.K. Drooch has gathered samples of various food items in his university today with therapeutic team at the University of Jap Information Technology, Wakanaghat. This information was given by Additional District Magistrate Solan Sandeep Negi today.

It is important that the district administration was informed that after the last night meal in the said institute some students have become sick. As soon as the information was received in this regard, the district administration instructed Chief Medical Officer Solan and officials of Irrigation and Public Health Department to arrive at JP University. He said that drinking water is being arranged by the University itself. After the investigation report, the next action will be taken in this regard. Water samples have been sent to CTL Kandaghat whereas IGMC Shimla has been sent for examination of food samples. The state party which came from Shimla also collected samples of food items.

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